Aquamarine Seafood

Aquamarine Seafood is pleased to introduce our delectable range of mollusks, straight from the depths of the ocean. Our selection includes a mouth-watering assortment, carefully picked for their freshness and quality.



Scallops are a true delicacy of the sea, they are prized for their slightly sweet flavor and are a favorite of seafood lovers around the world.

Scallops are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from seared and sautéed to grilled and baked. Their mild flavor makes them an ideal canvas for a variety of seasonings and sauces, allowing them to be customized to personal taste preferences. Have them as meat alone, meat with roe-on or on their half shell.


Squid is a delicious and nutritious seafood that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. These cephalopods have a unique mild flavor and they have a firm, slightly chewy texture that makes them perfect for a wide variety of dishes.


Greenshell mussels or Greenlip mussels are farmed in the pristine clean waters of New Zealand’s Coromandel and Waiheke Island bays. Within hours of being harvested, the Greenshell mussels are processed and snap frozen, ensuring that their freshness, flavor, and plump condition can be maintained until they reach the plate.


Octopus is a culinary delicacy in coastal areas around the world. Beloved from Spain to Japan, its deep purple coloring when cooked makes it a visually stunning addition to any plate. Its unique flavor and texture can be enjoyed in a variety of preparations such as “a la gallega” with potatoes and paprika, or Greek style, grilled, with lemon, olive oil and oregano, amongst others.