High end

Aquamarine Seafood

Aquamarine Seafood ensures access to the most elusive (and exclusive) products. Via an extensive network of suppliers and a vast knowledge and understanding of the markets, products, seasonality, and production techniques. Our small scale ensures we are agile and flexible, providing a warm, personalized service, also to the most demanding customers, such as star restaurants and luxury hotels.


All the taste of Gambero Rosso, cleaned, deveined and beaten by hand into a perfect carpaccio with extraordinary visual impact. Ready to serve. Available as 100% Gambero Rosso or in combination with Gobetto di Nassa.


Salmon roe expertly cured for the best flavor. This delicacy has a juicy texture that pops with every bite to release the intense, delicious flavor contained within the shell. Popular as a sushi topping, but growing in popularity around the world, Ikura brings a strong taste and bright, stunning coloring to a variety of dishes. Also wonderful as a topping on a blini with sour cream!


With its buttery, rich flavor Sea Urchin roe is a sought-after delicacy. The best way to fully savor its unique taste is eating them raw, sashimi style. However, this gem of the ocean can also be integrated in a variety of dishes such as risotto’s, pastas and soups.


All the flavor and color of Gambero Rosso and Gobetto di Nassa in a practical, ready-to-use portion-sized pack. Artfully selected and shelled by hand, the flesh is left intact so they may be used for a variety of applications, such as tartare or sashimi.